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Embracing the Arts – It Just Comes Naturally

Home to intriguing galleries, artist studios and eye-catching public art displays, Lowell is bursting with creative energy. Lowell has long embraced the arts, transforming many of the City’s historic mill buildings into artist live/work spaces like Western Avenue Studios. Museums and galleries like the Whistler House are committed to showcasing local and national exhibits.

Artists of all ages and disciplines, colorful galleries and world-class performance venues like the Merrimack Repertory Theater have created the foundation of the City’s cultural scene. The Canalway Cultural District, Lowell's designated Arts District demonstrates the City’s commitment to fostering this important sector. The Cultural Organization of Lowell is a great place for artists and visitors alike to find resources and get connected.

No group has been more instrumental in supporting thousands of community-based projects than the Lowell Cultural Council (LCC).  Through the re-granting of public monies awarded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), the LCC provides funding and economic support for community events that reach residents of all ages.  Past projects have included special exhibits, performances, festivals, workshops, educational programming and other cultural activities. 

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