Whistler House Museum of Art


The Whistler House Museum of Art, birthplace of artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler, was established in 1908 as the permanent home of the Lowell Art Association. Founded in 1878, the Lowell Art Association owns and operates the museum as a historic site. Built in 1823, the Whistler House represents the richness of the history and the art of Lowell. This museum maintains its permanent collection of 19th- and early-20th-century New England representational artists and organizes contemporary and historical fine arts exhibitions in the adjacent Parker Gallery.  It also sponsors a variety of educational and community-oriented cultural programs. Constructed in 2004, Whistler Park is a contemporary take on the traditional Victorian Garden. The park’s central feature is a bronze sculpture of James McNeill Whistler by the internationally known artist and sculptor, Mico Kaufman.

Address:  243 Worthen St

Phone: (978) 452-7641