7 Signs you haven't really been to Lowell yet

1. You haven't eaten a donut from the Donut Shack

Sure, there are plenty of donut places in Lowell. But we don't really consider you an insider until you have eaten a daily, made-from-scratch donut at The Donut Shack. This place is a true Lowell original as far as donuts go. 

(photocredit:  Lifeasamaven.com )

(photocredit: Lifeasamaven.com)


2. You think Marko is just another guy

One could say that Marko is the inventor of mobile food. Before Gyro was a thing, Marko was. Long before food trucks were hip and trendy, Marco was! Lowell's history is one of inventions and success and, Marko's Mediterranean Grill, home to the famous Monster Fries, is kind of the father of mobile food in Lowell.


3. You think of flour when you hear Mill No.5

Yes, there are a lot of mills in Lowell. No, none of them grind flour, although you can buy some at Mill No. 5, or pick up some local baked artisan bread when you visit. This mill, which was named a "safe haven for hipsters" by Boston Magazine is now home to more than 12 unique shops, pretty good coffee, an independent movie theater and a few of Lowell's hottest start-up companies. (Photo: Tory Germann) - Visit Mill No. 5's webpage here.

Photo Credit: Tory Germann courtesy of Mill No. 5

Photo Credit: Tory Germann courtesy of Mill No. 5


4. You're not expecting a lot of urban when you hear National Park

Let's be honest, when you hear National Park, you think nature. You know, mountains and all. But not after you have been to Lowell. Lowell is home to the first Urban National Park in the United States. From trolley rides to boat tours, exhibits to hands-on workshops, Lowell's National Park is visited by over half a million visitors annually and is lots of fun to explore.


5. You never had lunch next to a waterfall in the heart of the city

Nestled in the heart of the city, just where the Pawtucket Canal meets the Concord River is our favorite lunch spot. You'll forget you're even in the city when you sit down on the Lower Locks Plaza to eat your lunch. With the soothing sounds of falling water, what could be better? 


6. You're not moved when you hear Art is the Handmaid of Human Good

In Lowell, Art is the Handmaid of Human Good. We take art seriously. So seriously actually that we made it part of our city seal! Who does that? We do!
And we're proud of it. Over 900 artists from a variety of disciplines call Lowell home, and Western Avenue Studios is home to the largest artist community in the Northeast. Not to mention plenty of galleries and art coops like The Brush Art Gallery and the Arts League of Lowell.


7. You seriously think 5.6 miles of canalways are boring

Lowell has been called the Venice of America. And rightfully so! There are plenty of places with canals, but 5.6 miles of them, still used today to generate hydro power? Well, there's only Lowell. And these days, with initiatives like the Waterways Vitality Plan, parts of our canals become hotspots for creative economic development, new events and spectacular art and light installations. - Learn More about this!

Photo Credit: OutInLowell

Photo Credit: OutInLowell