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November in Lowell: Seasonal Shopping and Art

November’s arrival foreshadows the holiday season, bringing new opportunities to explore and shop for arts and crafts that are unique to Lowell. These handmade items serve as gifts for friends and family, others as festive decorations for the upcoming holidays.

Western Avenue Studios

Western Avenue Studio’s (WAS) November open studios this Saturday, November 2nd, begins the holiday season. Open Studio provides opportunities to examine WAS Artists’ distinctive art styles and gives attendees insight into each artist’s inspiration and creativity. Every Saturday, until the end of November, from noon – 5 p.m. the studio will have art on display for viewing and purchasing, providing locally handmade gifts, alongside gift-able art classes. This Saturday, Wretched Hive Creations will have a few highly detailed projects on display, such as “The Bith Hands,” that show the ability to make art as detailed as possible.

If you need a break from WAS browsing and shopping, checkout Navigation Brewing. The brewery, a part of WAS, provides a taproom for specialty, rotating ales and seasonal brews. Opening at 2 p.m. every day, the taproom is often accompanied by a food truck providing local eats.

November COFFEE.jpg

Mill No. 5

Coffee and Cotton, Mill No. 5’s café, provides locals with coffee, espresso, lattes, and an open mic for those interested in a warm drink and some live entertainment. Every first Saturday of the month, Santi C performs on stage at the café, providing entertaining covers of hit songs by pop artists. Every second Saturday of the month, the same mic opens for LGBTQ+ talent giving professionals and amateur performers a chance to share their poetry, dancing, and songwriting.

A Little Bazaar continues to open pop-ups of unique hand-crafted goods, clothing, and treats. The Makers Market, opening Saturday November 9th at noon, supports the best local designers who provide high-quality apparel, jewelry, ceramics and more.

            Return to Mill No.5 the following Saturday, November 16th, for the opening of the Hibernate Marketplace & Caturday. With support by the Lowell Humane Society, this marketplace helps celebrate all things cozy and comfy.


Gallery Z

Gallery Z begins their holiday season with a holiday gift market on Saturday November 9th. This marketplace includes handmade crafts, paintings, pottery, jewelry, and floral arrangements. The market supports local businesses while giving locals the chance to stock up on decorations and gifts for friends and family. The artist co-operative sells paintings by New England artists, using different genres and mediums, providing options for unique interests.

November BRUSH.jpg

Brush Art Gallery and Studios

The Brush Art Gallery continues to provide museum quality exhibits, educational programs, and shopping opportunities for Lowell. With the goal of keeping visual arts alive, the gallery demonstrates the diverse culture and skills of local artists, making it a destination for everyone to enjoy. Open each day, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. the Brush features nine different studios and shops that create and sell paintings, jewelry, quilts, cards, ceramics, and other gifts in time for the holiday spirit.

November NEQM.jpg

New England Quilt Museum Shop and ALL Gallery

For more creative shopping, visit the New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) for an array of fabrics transformed into sculptures, quilts, and clothing. The gallery has preserved more than 400 antique and contemporary quilts along with sewing machines, clothing, bags, cards, and other items. The quilts are spread over two floors, varying in size, color, and shape, creating detailed story-telling art rather than bed pieces. The NEQM shop offers a variety of options including jewelry, books, plushies, bags, and much more

The ALL Gallery also has artwork for sale for those looking for special gifts by local artists. Just next door to the gallery, Van Gogh’s Gear provides art and drawing supplies for the artist on your list. Offering quality brushes, paper, paints, and canvases, Van Gogh’s supplies carries essential tools for painters, drawers, and crafters of every skill level.

Expanding Lowell's Public Art collection

Recent unveilings of public art has peaked interest on the number of new projects being created and raised awareness of existing pieces. Lowell’s public art collection includes several styles that highlight unique city themes. The new pieces create evocative perspectives of the city’s skyline, color palette, and history.

Lowell in Color, Skyline, and Hydro

“Lowell in Color,” a bright and colorful collage of city landmarks, was recently installed at the Joseph M. Downes Parking Garage on John Street. The piece, by artist Frank Casazza, interprets and represents city images and icons with a bright color palette. Another addition is “Skyline,” a series of 3 panels that represent abstract images of Lowell skylines. Created by artist Andrew Szava-Kovats, “Skyline” combines actual Lowell buildings with imaginary and creative elements to emphasize the dominant brick surfaces of downtown in contrast with the colorful atmosphere. Both projects were initiated and coordinated by the Cultural Affairs and Special Events office (CASE) with the Cultural Organizations of Lowell’s Creative Committee providing review and recommendations of submissions. “Lowell in Color” was supported by Lowell’s Parking Department.


These pieces follow the September unveiling of “Hydro” by artist Nancy Selvage. This Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL) project was initiated in 2011, and is a major art piece in the Hamilton Canal Innovation District’s Utopian Park. The sculpture, “creates a playful interactive experience for children to explore the journey of water flowing and swirling through a ‘turbine’ gateway that confidently strides forward to greet and embrace the public,” said Selvage.


Lowell Public Art Walk

To quote City Manager Eileen Donoghue, “coming upon an original work of art in unexpected places is a wonderful and surprising way to discover the work of our creative community.”

Artists have long created art that has become familiar sites for Lowellians over the years. Lowell’s public art collection includes 15 plus pieces throughout downtown.

Examples include,The Kerouac Commemorative, within Eastern Canal Park on Bridge Street, honors hometown author Jack Kerouac and his literary accomplishments.

The Dutton Street Mural, created in the 70’s, depicts life for the Irish in Lowell. Decatur Way, a walkway and art space features murals from local artists, poetry installations, and pavement pigment drawings. The collection includes sculptures depicting life in Lowell, its history, and its imagery through various forms. Sculptures include “The Worker,” a depiction of an Irish canal worker in Mack Plaza; “The Lowell Sculptures,” three pieces of industrial symbols at Boarding House Park; “Agapetime,” a piece “that symbolizes a universal tribute to the family [Tsongas] and those families of immigrant heritage” at Lower Locks; “Homage to Women,” celebrates the contributions of women in the 19th century; and a James McNeil Whistler statue next to the Whistler House museum on Worthen Street. These sculptures appear throughout several locations in Lowell and provide milestones and memorials for the history and continued progression of the city.

For more information visit the Public Art page on LikeLowell.

Kiwanis Club, Monster Bash, and the Oddity Marketplace

Kiwanis Club of Greater Lowell has been serving the community since 1917, dedicating thousands of volunteer hours to assist youth in the city and promote growth. To celebrate over 100 years of service, the “100 for 100” scholarship campaign is in place to provide scholarships in the Merrimack Valley in honor of Henry G. Sykes, a Kiwanis volunteer for over 50 years. As a result, several scholarships have been awarded to students to encourage them to further their education. The club has been involved with several events and programs in Lowell such as, Bringing up Grades, Bike Safety Rodeo, and Halloween’s Monster Bash.

The annual Halloween event, Monster Bash, taking place next Saturday October 26th from 12-3 p.m. Monster Bash celebrates Halloween by transforming Lowell High School into a haunted house, with a costume contest, and a variety of family activities and local food. Monster Bash includes a downtown trick-or-treat trail to participating downtown businesses. The stroll is the perfect opportunity to trick-or-treat and experience Lowell in a spooky atmosphere.

Lowell Monster Bash.jpg

If you are looking for more places to trick-or-treat, Mill No. 5 also opens its businesses and marketplace to tick-or-treaters on October 26th, from 12 to 4 p.m. Trick-or-Treat Yo’self will have an arrangement of self-care goods available in the market place on the 5th floor, with the 4th floor being reserved for the trick-or-treating. The Oddity Market opens again on November 2nd at 12 – 4 p.m. to finish the theme of the strange and dark.

The official City of Lowell trick-or-treating hours will be on October 31st from 6 – 8 p.m.


Seasonal Art: Exhibits,Museums, and Galleries

Lowell’s art scene has generated great interest in recent years. Galleries, studios, and museums have grown in numbers, offering interpretations for several genres of visual art. They’re hosting a number of exhibits during the month of October.

The Loading Dock Gallery (LDG) presents Repetition, Replication, Variation. This exhibit focuses on using repetition of patterns and shapes within imagery to create a unique aesthetic meant to showcase the evolution of art using elements of contrast and other techniques. This show conveys a message of creativity, sparking new ideas and emotions for the viewer. Repetition, Replication, Variation begins October 2nd and runs until the 27th. Following this show, LDG presents Orbs: Spheres of Unity from October 30th through December 1st. This presentation observes the significance of circular shapes that create a unifying principle. These shapes hold complexity, but portray perfection, balance, and unification. Discover how these shapes play a role in the world.


The Ayer Lofts Art Gallery is a high-ceiling gallery designed to present several pieces of artwork within a well-lit room. Their exhibits consist of local artwork that evokes emotion, challenges minds, and creates welcoming atmospheres. The gallery, opened in 2000, invites select groups of Lowell artists for annual shows, and presents live music, dance performances, and student projects. Local artist Steve Clements will have several pieces of his artwork on display from October 4th until October 27th. The exhibit is open 12 to 4 p.m. on each day throughout the month.

“Benefits of the Lowell’s Urban Environment” is a series of activities raising awareness of Lowell’s urban setting. Arranged by The Brush Art Gallery and Studios, the events run until April of 2020 in partnership with the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, Lowell Cemetery, Lowell National Historical Park, and Lowell High School. The Quiet World of Aging, a collection of observations by Melinda Reyes, shows facial photographs of the elderly, depicting themes of beauty, sorrow, joy, despair, and dignity. The exhibit takes viewers “into direct contact with a diversity of emotions within the aging process.”


Macabre, an art show by local artists’ co-op, Gallery Z, begins on October 3rd and runs until October 31st with a reception on Saturday October 12th. The exhibit introduces grim forms of artwork perfect as Halloween approaches. Several exhibits will open daily until Halloween Night. Following on Saturday the 26th, Gallery Z’s A Hell Raising Fundraiser opens from 7 to 10 p.m. This event celebrates the gallery’s 5th year by presenting visual and performing arts by Lowell artists. The event includes raffles, a costume contest, food, music, and an Edgar Allen Poe reading by Leo Jordan’s Balefire performers.

Tom Gill brings his collection of oil paintings to TreMonte Ice Bar and Pizzeria at the end of October. The collection Impressions: New Work, by the Lowell artist, highlights city life through glimpses of events, street views, landscapes, and gatherings.


The Arts League of Lowell (ALL) wraps up Earth, Wind, & Fiber mid-October; the event examines pottery, artwork, and quilts by Paula Eldridge, Pamela Wamala, and Louise Abbot. Hosted at All Greenwald Gallery, the company encourages and supports the art local creators make. Exposed 2019: Black & White, the succeeding exhibit, showcases black and white photography until November 10th. This juried exhibition emphasizes the effect of this method of photography that has become stylized in recent years.


The New England Quilt Museum (NEQM) hosts artist, Sue Bleiweiss, to demonstrate how fusible web, a man-made fiber, can be used in several applications. She shows how to add color, apply metal and foil to fabric, and how to transfer shape outlines. Learn expert techniques in quilt making on Thursday, November 7th. NEQM is also open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. for quilt exhibits.


The Whistler House Museum of Art galleries are open every Wednesday and Sunday from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Whistler’s galleries include a large collection of 19th and 20th century paintings by artists like Marie Danforth Page, Mary Earl Wood, and William S. Elwell. The galleries are on three floors, including a main gallery and “Francis room,” showing artwork inspired by Lowell. The museum also hosts a special exhibit until October 26th, Titled, Fiber Fusions, an exploration of quilted creations by contemporary quilt creators. The focus is on how fiber and related materials are fused together to form creative works of art.

Lowell: Tours, History, and Trolleys


 Food Tours, Lowell Walks, and Bird Watching

October has a wide variety of walks and tours to get us moving as the weather cools down. Opportunities to examine and explore the historical city will give new perspectives of how Lowell’s mill manufacturing city developed over the years. Off the Beaten Path brings their unique food tour to Lowell. The tour explores restaurants and history, to share delicious food and support local businesses. Off the Beaten Path’s Mill No. 5 specialty food tour opens in November with Sunday tours beginning at 3 p.m. The tour of local and independent restaurants allows for a unique opportunity to discuss the history of mills that have now been renovated. Learn about bitters, vinegars, pastries, milk shakes, soda, and a wide variety of cheeses made by local businesses.


            Continuing the movement, two upcoming walks in early October explore Lowell and explore history in a unique way. Beginning with the Lowell Cemetery Mausoleum Walk, tour guides will lead you to seven different mausoleums and other notable monuments within the Lowell cemetery. This self-paced tour begins from Knapp Avenue or Lawrence Street gates where guides will help point you in the right direction and share stories of the monuments and the people interred within them. This tour begins October 5th at 10 a.m. and runs to 1 p.m.

            Following the Mausoleum tour, the Lowell Cemetery hosts a bird watching event presented by The Brush Art Gallery and Studios and is part of a series of activities to bring awareness to urban environments. Funded by the Theodore Edson Parker Foundation, this event starts at 8 a.m. on October 6th.

            Finally, another Lowell walk focuses on Ben Butler. A 90 minute walk around downtown visits several places that influenced the life of Benjamin F. Butler, a Civil War general, governor of Massachusetts, and member of Congress. The tour begins at 1 p.m. on October 12th and runs to 2:30.

For more info visit

Lowell Parks

Lowell Walks: Ben Butler

Lowell Walks: Cemetery Walk

Off the Beaten Path


Lowell National Historical Park Tours

If you are looking for more ways to explore Lowell and its sights, the Lowell National Historical Park hosts several tours throughout October. Beginning with the Archaeology of a Textile Mill Walking Tour on October 5th and a second tour on October 19th, the event explores the insides of several prominent mills and highlights past technologies and architecture.

Following on October 11th and October 26th, Decoding Recent LGBTQ+ History in Lowell Walk focuses on important people and places within the mid-nineteen hundreds. Similarly, Wellness on the Walkways, discusses women’s history with a hike through the city that begins at the corner of Thorndike and Summer Streets. The hike visits locations where women’s suffrage activists gave lectures, held meetings, and supported their cause. This is a great opportunity to learn about local activism and follow their footsteps, honoring the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. This walk will be held on October 20th.

Finally, ending October, Wellness on the Walkways holds their downtown photography walk. Join park rangers and explore significant downtown locations for photography and historical discussion. The tour starts at the Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center on October 27th, at 10 a.m.

For more info visit the National Park Service Calendar


The Trolley

If you prefer to relax with a movie instead of walking around Lowell, you can take in “The Trolley,” a film about the history of electric trolleys throughout several cities in America, once one of Lowell’s most memorable features.  Learn about a most amazing invention as Lowell celebrates with a trolley presentation by operator Ryan Boucher that follows the screening. Presented by the Moses Greeley Parker Lectures and the Lowell National Historical Park, the screening and presentation will be held starting at 2 p.m. on October 6th.

For more info visit Parker Lectures.

Fall Markets – Arts, Crafts, and Food


This Saturday, from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., the North Common Park & Community Garden will be home to the 8th Annual Harvest Festival to celebrate the year’s most abundant season. This free, family friendly event will celebrate the year’s harvest by showcasing food traditions with hands-on activities. The festival includes a farmer’s market, cooking and gardening demos, garden tours, and food trucks. Hosted by Mill City Grows, this event happens rain or shine.

Another market offering locally grown, healthy, and quality food, is Community Teamwork’s outdoor market which runs Fridays from 12 – 5 p.m. in the Lucy Larcom Park. Since 1979, the Lowell Farmers’ Market has provided access to fresh goods, meats, honey, and crafts right in the heart of Lowell. The urban setting is a unique contrast to the rurally produced goods. With the goal of supporting a healthy community, the market is committed to increasing access of fresh food from nearby farms to urban customers, while offering educational entertainment. Enjoy entertainment, demonstrations, and fun activities every Friday until October 25th.


Mill No. 5’s A Little Bazaar begins the weekend on Saturday, September 28th, with The Itty Bitty. A collection of vendors will display an array of pins, stickers, patches, and jewelry. Various local artists who work with metal, fiber, and wood will offer unique wares. Boston local crafter and artist, Danielle Robichaud, will be there to show off her inspired jewelry, brainstorming process, and physical tinkering. Meet Danielle and other creative minds at A Little Bazaar on Saturday from noon till 4 p.m.

            Sundays there’s The Farm Market from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., featuring produce from local farmers and other locally sourced products that celebrate homegrown talent and experience. The Farm Market takes place year-round at Mill No. 5 strengthening the connection between local farmers and Lowellians and improving access to quality, healthy, and diverse foods. The Farm Market also hosts live music each week--this Sunday’s band is Hashtag Hoedown.       Mill No.5 begins October with Ghastly: The Oddity and Horror Marketplace. Those who are fond of the unusual will love the collections of antiques and trinkets meant to get you in the fall spirit with this market of the strange and scary. Ghastly opens on Saturday, October 5th from noon - 4 p.m.


Early October also brings a unique art style that stands out. On Saturday and Sunday, October 6th, and 7th, Western Ave Studios hosts their monthly open studios with a large display of autumn themed artwork. From noon-5 p.m. this two day event offers shopping opportunities, the ability to meet the artists first hand, learn about the inspiration that drives them to create spookier designs. The repurposed mills will be filled with creative and seasonal themed handmade crafts, photos and art, wood and glass creations, and jewelry. Meet the large artist community while enjoying coffee and brewery pop-ups, as well as a few food trucks.

The Season of Theater

The Season of Theater

Merrimack Repertory Theatre

The Merrimack Repertory Theatre (MRT) presents Tiny Beautiful Things, a theatre adaptation by Nia Vardala, based on the book by Cheryl Strayed on the strength of the human spirit during the search for love and life. Strayed responded to personal letters for years, offering insights for everyday challenges; her responses were later incorporated in her book Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar.

Being able to share stories has helped readers gain a new understanding and mindset when stepping out their front door. MRT captures these moments for the stage, giving audiences a chance to see the scenarios come to life. Tiny Beautiful Things opens MRT’s season Wednesday September, 11th, and runs till October 6th.

Visit the  MRT calendar  for more information!  PC: MRT

Visit the MRT calendar for more information!


Image Theater

For fifteen years, Image Theater has captured the minds of audiences through various stories, film, plays, and novel adaptations-all without a home stage. This locally-traveling company prides itself on producing unpublished plays and musicals by New England writers and composers.

Those who want a laugh out of politics will love the exaggerations of stand-up comedian Jimmy Tingle’s show, Comedy Meets Politics. The non-profit theatre will host Tingle for two nights at The Old Court on September 13th and 14th. Tingle’s performance is sure to leave the audience laughing with witty remarks, deconstruction of political matters, and timely topics.

Join Image Theater in November for the 13th Annual “Naughty Readings,” a fundraiser of “sexy, silly, and outrageous” adult-only plays and songs. Stay for the after-show catering party to meet the actors and playwrights.

Visit  Image Theater  for more information.

Visit Image Theater for more information.

Balefire Productions

Founded in 2016 by Leo Jordan, Balefire Productions Community Theater was created to liven up the local theatre experience and give back to the community with exciting productions. Partnering with Gallery Z (Artist co-op, Café, and Theater), Jordan changed Balefire this summer to reinvigorate the workspace, offering a fresh theatrical experience.

For more information about the upcoming season, visit  BalefireProductions.org  or their  Facebook  page.

For more information about the upcoming season, visit BalefireProductions.org or their Facebook page.

Middlesex Community College Performing Arts Theater

The Richard and Nancy Donahue Family Academic Arts Center is a state-of-the art theater with an upcoming season of theater, dance, and music. The historic Arts Center, once a railroad station, movie theater, and bowling alley is now home to Middlesex Community College’s Performing Arts Program.

The Women of Lockerbie, a story of a mother from New Jersey in search of her son’s remains in the hills of Lockerbie, Scotland, premiers September 26th at the MCC Theater. It’s a story of determination involving acts of love and hate following a crashed commercial plane in the area. The play has five performances with three between the 26th - 28th at 7 p.m., and two on the 28th and 29th at 2 p.m.

Visit the  MCC Performing Arts  page for further information.

Visit the MCC Performing Arts page for further information.

Local Theater Groups and Upcoming Productions

If you’re in need of an escape from reality, Lowell’s various theater groups have upcoming productions that can do just that.  From plays that embody the relationship between two dissimilar family members, to festivals that celebrate females in film, these productions are ready to let you flee from your daily responsibilities.


Merrimack Repertory Theater

MRT remains true to their mission statement to “share theatrical stories of human understanding that reflect and engage community” for 40 years. Under the direction of Artistic Director Sean Daniels and Executive Director Bonnie J. Butkas, MRT allows their audience an opportunity to be so much more than a spectator in the crowd. They get their audiences to experience the play so deeply it feels as if they’re on the stage themselves.

With the brand new month comes a brand new play for people to enjoy opens February 13th and runs to March 10th.  The World Premiere of “The Heath” by Lauren Gunderson will bring you into the world of family members with dissenting personalities, yet their differences are what makes their relationship that much more beautiful.


Image Theater

Image Theater was formed in 2005 as a non-profit theater company.  In the nearly 15 years the company has been around, they have made quite a name for themselves as they do so much for local writers, playwrights, novelists, and filmmakers.  Founders Jerry Bisantz and Ann Garvin have worked with gifted producers in order to produce their fan-favorite “Keep Your Kids at Home” naughty readings; “Mill City Minutes” ten minute plays; and the full length play “Kerouac’s Last Call”. 

Garvin had humbly noted that Image Theater is a “little homeless theater company” as the group does not have one set home stage, however numerous Lowell companies have welcomed their productions with open arms.  You can find Image Theater’s productions at popular Lowell destinations such as The Old Court Pub, The Whistler House Museum of Art, and The Lowell Freshman Academy.  The company will take an interesting spin on Garvin’s “Femnoire: The Women’s Playwriting Festival” to create the “Femme Film Fest”, which will feature short films by women filmmakers from all over New England on May 3rd and 4th.  Shortly following “Femme Film Fest”, the company will also produce some “one-acts” between May and November.  Image Theater rarely follows a “set season”, but you can keep updated about exciting upcoming productions at www.imagetheater.com


Studio 506

Only a short 5 years after Studio 506’s founding in 2014, what started with a few friends keeping the love of theater alive turned into a successful theater group in Lowell.  Founder Kaitlyn Crockett hopes that Studio 506 sheds the “stigma” around what it means to be a community theater group.  Instead, the company calls themselves an “Indie Theater Company” as they perform shows in creatively unorthodox ways to get the surrounding community connected to their shows.  The group has had success with past productions. Some were performed in the center of a Lowell garden with the audience just inches away from the actors. 

In March, Studio 506 will bring something new to the table with, “Revolt.  She Said.  Revolt Again”, a production written by Alice Birch and directed by Kaitlyn Crockett.  “Revolt” will be performed at the Humanity Boutique, and it will discuss sex and gender in a way that “does not behave”.  Don’t miss this rendition of a play that doesn’t play by the rules by a Lowell group that throws the concept of “ordinary” to the wind. 


Balefire Theater Group

Similar to Studio 506, Balefire Theater is a recently created theater group (founded in May 2016), that wants to give their audience members a different theater experience.  Past productions, such as “Sherlock Holmes: ‘A Study in Scarlet’”, involved audience members surrounding the action of the play while they are served dinner and drink.  Balefire Theater recently began to adopt this production method of “Dinner Theater” in August of 2017, that allows audiences to enjoy the theater with their eyes- and their stomachs. 

The next opportunity to please your palate will take place from March 21st-24th for the company’s upcoming production of “Waiting for Godot”.  This play takes place in a post-World War II, and explores the awaiting of the mysterious “Godot” through the eyes of the two main characters.  The play is a wonderful mix of history, humor, and the human experience that will serve warmth to your heart with a fresh side of laughter. 

Photography by: Kate Brindley Photography

Photography by: Kate Brindley Photography

Off-Broadway Players

For locals who are wondering what UMass Lowell students bring to the stage, a Spring production called “Triptych” is currently in the works.  President of the Off-Broadway Players club, Daisy Var, had done a wonderful job of relaying information about all things “OBP” in 2019, but her “lips are sealed” in terms of news for their fall production.  However, there are 6 opportunities for folks to view Triptych from February 27th-March 3rd.  The production will include original pieces that were written by the club’s advisor, Dr. Dale J. Young.  Check out how these UMass Lowell students will bring this new creation to life! 


‘Tis the Season to Shop Local

Tis’ the season of giving and if you’re looking for some special gifts for your friends and family this holiday season, Lowell has plenty of choices for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the latest fashion or one-of-a-kind artisan gifts, here are some local holiday shopping spots where you’re sure to discover unique finds.

Photo courtesy of Dandelion District

Photo courtesy of Dandelion District

For Fashionistas

Whether you’re seeking clothing and jewelry that’s modern, retro or a little more exotic, there are some great boutiques and consignment shops in Lowell to explore for gifts for your fashion forward friends. Humanity Boutique offers a selection of women’s clothing that reflects Lowell’s hip culture and style. The shop is all about mixing pieces of different colors, patterns and textures that will complement women of all ages.

Dandelion District located in Mill No. 5 is where you’ll find very cool vintage consignment clothing including flannels, jeans, leather jackets, tees and much more. Galeria De Los Andes Boutique is a vibrant shop with alpaca sweaters, ponchos, scarves and more! The boutique is also known for their selection of fine Tagua and sterling silver jewelry.

canva-photo-editor (19).png

For Audiophiles

For your loved ones who are always talking about and listening to music, you can find great music related gifts at Lowell’s local music shops. For new and used instruments and lessons, the family owned Tone Loft located in Mill No. 5 carries guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and ukulele’s, and offers lessons in all of these instruments.

Serious music fans love their vinyls, and you can find an extensive selection of new and used vinyls of all genres at Vinyl Destination, just steps away from the Tone Loft. Every record store has their own unique inventory, so if you’re seeking a certain album or artist be sure to also check out Garnick’s Music Center and RRRecords for more options.

canva-photo-editor (24).png

For Natural Beauty Lovers

Walk into Red Antler Apothecary at Mill No. 5 and you’ll be hit with an aromatic wave of handmade soaps, bath bombs, candles and herbal blends, all of which make for great Christmas gifts. Browse their selection of personal and household cleaners or ask the friendly staff to create an herbal blend specifically for your needs. Just down the hall at Crose Nest Botanical Pharmacopoeia you can find other great gifts for the body and spirit, including botanical teas, bath soaks, face masks and more.

For Pet Lovers

Pets are part of the family too, right? Whether you’re shopping for your own pet or for a pet-loving friend, there are a couple unique shops in Lowell to stop by for gifts that animals, and their owners, can both get excited about!

At SITIZENS Animal Treats located in Mill No. 5 you will find healthy dog, cat and horse treats that are made from all natural ingredients grown at their Laszlo Family Farm. Be sure to also visit PUPS, a one-of-a-kind pet boutique and supply shop that offers stylish leashes and harnesses, custom built dog beds, specialty dog houses and a variety of pet food and toys.


For Foodies

Mill City Cheesemongers is a great shopping destination for your foodie friends and family members. They of course carry a large selection of cheeses, but they also sell craft beer and wine, various jams, crackers, sauces and sweets. Their friendly staff can also provide you with samples and advice on which cheese matches what you’re looking for.

Sweet Lydia’s handcrafted candy shop has some great holiday selections from gourmet marshmallows, smores, candy bars, hot chocolate and much more. Their treats are available to purchase individually or as conveniently pre-packed gift boxes perfect for the holidays!

With plenty of great restaurants, cafes and eateries in Lowell you can’t go wrong with giving your loved ones a gift certificate to their favorite eatery (or one they’ve wanted to try) for the holidays!

Visit http://www.likelowell.com/food-and-drink/ for a list of Lowell’s restaurants and café’s

Holiday Happenings Coming in December

The City of Lights Parade and Celebration has sparked the holiday season, and as we move into December there are plenty of festive entertainment and shopping opportunities coming up to keep you in the holiday spirit.

Courtesy of Boston Pops

Courtesy of Boston Pops


On December 16th Keith Lockhart conducts the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra in a performance of their beloved Holiday Pops concert at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium from 2:30 – 4:30 PM. Audience members can expect to hear some holiday classics, several new arrangements of seasonal favorites and their signature rendition of Sleigh Ride. With holiday music, sing-a-longs, and an appearance from Santa Claus himself, the Holiday Pops concert is sure to leave you feeling merry.

The Lowell Memorial Auditorium is bringing their musical adaptation of the holiday TV classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to their stage on December 2nd at 3 PM. See all of your favorite characters from the original special including Santa, Hermey the Elf, Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster and of course Rudolph, as they come to life for a very entertaining holiday musical!

canva-photo-editor (15).png

From now until December 23rd, The Merrimack Repertory Theatre presents Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, a holiday play featuring several characters from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. This warm-hearted and witty show written by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon involves love letters being delivered to the wrong person and unexpected engagements being announced. Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley is holiday treat for Jane Austen fans and the entire family alike.

On December 1st and 2nd Middlesex Community College launches their new Donahue Family Academic Arts Center theater with their inaugural production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet! There will be shows at 2 PM and 7 PM both nights, so if you’re looking for a break from holiday shopping or just want to get out of the house, come see a classic love story at Middlesex Community College.


One of the best parts about December is watching our favorite holiday movies, and the Luna Theater has us covered with several classic holiday films playing throughout the month. Upcoming shows include The Polar Express on December 1st and 2nd, White Christmas on December 2nd, A Christmas Story on December 8th and 9th, and It’s a Wonderful Life on December 15th and 16th. Enjoy these classics on the big screen!

For times and to purchase tickets visit http://www.lunalowell.com/calendar/action~agenda/request_format~json/

Holiday Shops and Markets

If you’re looking for unique gifts for family and friends this month be sure to explore the 6th annual Totally Bazaar holiday market at Mill No. 5 on December 1st. From 12 – 5 PM there will be two floors of vendors selling a wide variety of vintage, handmade and artisanal holiday gifts. On December 8th Mill No. 5 also presents their Holiday Oddity Marketplace.  From 12 – 5 PM you can find even more uncommon and unusual items that make perfect holiday gifts. Pass on the socks and ties this year, and explore the Holiday Oddity Market to find something memorable!

When shopping for holiday presents this season be sure to visit the Lowell National Historical Park Gift Shop for national park novelties, Lowell apparel, books about the city and children’s gifts like park ranger hats and stuffed animals. The New England Quilt Museum also has a wonderful gift shop with a variety of handcrafted quilts and handbags, jewelry and unique toys.

Holiday Open Studios comes to Western Ave Studios this December with four days of art exploration and shopping fun! On December 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th from 12 – 5 PM you can browse the open art studios, chat with artists, shop for unique gifts for all budgets, watch art demonstrations and enjoy lunch and a craft beer from the Navigation Brewing Company.

On December 14th, Brush Art Gallery & Studio’s Soup and Shop Lunch Holiday Marketplace offers complimentary homemade soups while you do some holiday shopping in a gallery environment! Studio Artists are offering a 10% discount on artwork from the studios during this event, and Gift Certificates are available as well.

The following day, December 15th, the gallery hosts their Sugar and Spice Weekend Holiday Marketplace. Try some homemade cookies and explore the vibrant Studio Gift Shop for that perfect gift you’ve been searching for. There will also be Brush Studio artists on site who would love to talk to visitors about their techniques and inspirations for their creative works.

Explore Your Creative Side: Classes and Workshops to Try This Fall

By Dorian Taylor - Everyone has a creative side, it's just a matter of finding the outlet that's right for you! Fall is a good time of the year to go out and try something new while we're still feeling productive and the snowy winter has not yet arrived to send us into hibernation. With a thriving art scene, Lowell offers plenty of opportunities to not only discover professional art and music, but to create something artistic as well! Whether you're an experienced artist or a complete beginner, here’s how to get creative this fall.

canva-photo-editor (27).png

Art Classes

Many locals probably know about Western Avenue Studios unique art events and their hundreds of art studios, but many might not know that there are a dozen WAS artists who give art lessons in a variety of styles. From traditional art forms like painting, drawing and sculpting, to more modern styles like photography and mixed media, there is something for everyone to try at WAS. These classes can be altered for experienced artists or absolute beginners alike, so don't be afraid to jump in and try something new!

Arts League of Lowell also offers a stress-free, introductory class on palette knife painting November 3rd and December 1st, as well as weekly classes on drawing, painting and watercolor running November through January. Crose Nest, the home, body and spirit shop at Mill No. 5 also offers a unique painting workshop for painters of all skill levels to create watercolor, botanical paintings based on the plants in the shop!

canva-photo-editor (18) (2).png

The Pottery Mill is a ceramic studio in downtown Lowell where beginners can try creating pottery for their first time or return to hone their craft. They offer both hand-building and pottery wheel workshops with classes held multiple times throughout the week. The class sizes are intentionally kept small to ensure that beginners have enough instruction to understand what they're doing and have a great time! The Whistler House Museum of Art and The Brush Gallery and Studios also offer art classes and workshops that will help you find your inner artist.

Courtesy of Delicious Glass Fusing Studio

Courtesy of Delicious Glass Fusing Studio

At Delicious Glass Fusing Studio you can join a small class to learn to make your own fused glass! Under the supervision of studio owner and artist Erica Noymer, the glass will be heated to at least 1,400 °F and molded into decorative plates, bowls, or whatever else your imagination can come up with!

canva-photo-editor (22).png

Writing and Music

Children and teens (grades 7-12) interested in writing can join the Pollard Memorial Library's Writers' Club. The group meets every other Friday to share their work and ideas, provide feedback to others and strengthen their writing skills. Writers working on novels, short stories, poems and memoirs are all welcomed to the meetings and no sign up is needed.

canva-photo-editor (26).png

If you've ever wanted to learn to play an instrument or if you're an experienced player looking to take your playing to the next level, The Tone Loft at Mill No. 5 sells all of the musical equipment you need and provides lessons for guitar, bass guitar, percussion, vocals, ukulele and piano. Also located at Mill No. 5 is Root Note Studio where you can find classes on songwriting and recording production.

Once you feel comfortable enough with your instrument, there are plenty of ways to play what you've learned in front of an encouraging audience. Open Mic Nights are held on Tuesdays at the Hearing Room, Thursday's at Warp & Weft and once a month at Coffee & Cotton. Also, the Hearing Room hosts an acoustic jam and sing-along every Thursday where all genres of music, all ages and all skill levels are welcomed.

Halloweekend in Lowell

Halloween weekend is finally here and there is a lot to do in Lowell! Halloween is all about scary movies, trick-or-treating, getting into costume and having a great time with your family and friends. There will be opportunities to do all of these things and more this weekend in the Mill City.

canva-photo-editor (17).png

Mill No. 5 will host the Little Pet Shop of Horrors on Saturday from noon to 5 pm. Bring your pet in costume to participate in a contest, then go trick-or-treating in the awesome shops and fill those bags with delicious pet treats!

For your scary movie fix, The Luna Theater will be showing John Carpenter’s original Halloween on Friday and Saturday night, as well as the animated film Coraline if you’re seeking a more family friendly option. Gather your family and friends for a movie in the cool and comfortable Luna Theater, and maybe arrive early to shop around Mill No. 5 before your show starts.

For show times and other films playing visit : www.lunalowell.com/calendar

canva-photo-editor (16).png

Over the weekend and through November 11th, the Merrimack Repertory Theatre will be showing a light-hearted murder mystery called Murder for Two. In this unique musical comedy, a surprise party has gone wrong and the great American novelist Arthur Whitney has been murdered. Each guest is a possible suspect, and just two talented actors play all thirteen roles in a very entertaining homage to old-fashioned murder mysteries. 

canva-photo-editor (11).png

Families are in for a treat Saturday afternoon! Kiwanis of Greater Lowell presents the annual Monster Bash and Halloween Stroll. Children and parents can enjoy trick-or-treating downtown and head to the Lowell High School for costume contests, kids' games and the Monster Bash's all ages haunted house! The bash is free to attend and will run from 12-3 PM.

To see the schedule of events and participating trick-or-treat locations visit www.likelowell.com/halloween-stroll

Courtesy of Creative Cinderella

Courtesy of Creative Cinderella

From 12-6 PM on Saturday Western Avenue Studios is hosting the Market of Mystery and Madness, a Halloween Oddity Market on their second floor where over 25 artists will be selling their strange and unusual creations. After you’ve made your odd purchases, be sure to head downstairs to Navigation Brewing Company’s Halloween Bash! From 2-8 PM there will be a food truck, craft beer, live music and a Halloween costume contest.

canva-photo-editor (17).png

On Saturday the Pollard Memorial Library is hosting Halloween Crafternoon from 1-2 PM. This event is a great opportunity for children in grades K through 4 to get creative and decorate Halloween masks and trick-or-treat bags!

To register, call the Children’s Desk at 978-674-1529 or go online to www.LowellLibrary.org – visit the Events Calendar, select your desired program and click Register.

canva-photo-editor (1).png

Halloween isn’t just for kids though, right? On Saturday night, adults (21+) can enjoy a high energy concert at Zorba Music Hall’s Monsters of Rock (Halloween Edition). Internationally touring AC/DC tribute band Back in Black will be performing accurate renditions of the band’s classic hits and their B tracks as well. The venue is attached to the Olympia Restaurant where you can enjoy Greek cuisine and wine before the 9 PM show.

To purchase tickets and see other upcoming shows at the Zorba Music Hall visit: zorbamusichall.com/events


On Sunday, the non-profit Get There, Start Now hosts its Seventh Annual Hallows Eve 5k Fun Run and Walk! Runners, walkers, children and spectators are invited to the Lowell Lodge of Elks to join the races or participate in other festivities such as face painting, trick-or-treating, raffles and costume contests. Participants are also invited to the post-race party and awards ceremony immediately following the race.

For a schedule and more details about the event visit www.HallowsEveFunRun.com

Lowell’s Canalway Cultural District: A “Great Neighborhood”

By Dorian Taylor - Lowell's Canalway Cultural District was recently named one of this year's 15 Great Places by the American Planning Association. With a thriving art and music scene, daily cultural activities, several unique public parks, and a wide variety of restaurants, cafés and shops, it's no surprise that over 500,000 people visit the district each year. Here are some reasons to visit, or revisit, the Canalway Cultural District.

The Worker by Elliot and Ivan Schwartz (1985)

Thriving Arts Community

It's not very hard to find beautiful art in Lowell. Spread out across the Canalway Cultural District are more than a dozen public art installations that reflect the city's culture and history including the Homage to Women and The Worker statues. There are also 12 excellent museums and art galleries in the district, such as the New England Quilt Museum, Brush Art Gallery & Studios, Gallery Z Artist Co-op, the Arts League of Lowell and the Whistler House Museum of Art.

Lowell's music scene has also gained traction over the years, and today visitors and locals can find live music playing every week in the District at various cafes, restaurants, art galleries and other venues. In addition to music and fine art, theater performances are also a staple in the district. The Lowell Memorial Auditorium, the Merrimack Repertory Theatre and MCC's new Academic Arts Center are excellent venues to see musicals, comedies, dramas and music.

Lowell Folk Festival

Daily Cultural Activities

With over 100 free public and private events, performances and activities, there is always something to do in the Canalway Cultural District. Along with 20 annual festivals, such as City of Lights and the Lowell Folk Festival, there are regular live music performances, movie screenings, children's programs, intimate gallery openings, athletic events and much more.

To see an updated calendar of fun and interesting activities to do in the city visit: www.likelowell.com/calendar

canva-photo-editor (14).png

Shopping and Dining

There are 60 eateries, coffee shops, and restaurants in the Canalway Cultural District offering an extensive variety of cuisine and flavors that reflect Lowell's diverse culture. On top of a great dining selection, many of these restaurants are conveniently located within walking distance to performance venues and one-of-a-kind shopping destinations. Before or after your meal, be sure to explore the district's unique shops and check to see where live music is playing to keep the good times going.

Lucy Larcom Park

Public Parks

The District includes several public parks, each with unique landscapes and features. If you're feeling up for a walk, explore the district's Riverwalk for scenic views of the city and the Merrimack River. If you're looking for a spot to relax, stop by the Whistler House Park or Lucy Larcom Park to catch up with a friend, read a book, or just take in the views. Be sure to stop by the Lowell National Park Service Visitor Center to pick up maps, make trolley tour reservations, and plan a great visit to the city.

Intimate Music Venues: Where Lowell Comes to Listen

Whether you’re looking for a rock show to amplify your weekend, or an acoustic singer song-writer performance to enjoy with a date, Lowell has plenty of great restaurants, cafes, and other venues where you can find the live music you’re looking for.

canva-photo-editor (3).png

The Hearing Room

The Hearing Room is a friendly, casual listening room run by local music lovers where you can catch musicians, ranging from acoustic singer songwriters to full bands. Every Tuesday the venue hosts an open mic night where anyone can sign up and play. There is no entry fee, but listeners are encouraged to donate $5-10 dollars to the performers. The Hearing Room also hosts a wide variety of professional music performances. On October 12th, attend a singer-songwriter and acoustic rock show featuring Rob Noyes, Joseph Allred, and Karen Zanes.


Coffee & Cotton

Not only is Coffee & Cotton a cozy, rustic coffee shop tucked away in Mill No. 5, but it’s also a music venue for many acoustic artists. On October 13th come see the fun loving pianist and singer-songwriter Fiona Corinne, and the nostalgic indie/emo band Louse from southern New Hampshire. The show is free, but be sure to check out the Coffee & Cotton menu for the perfect coffee, beer, wine or snack to compliment your listening experience.


Olympia’s Zorba Music Hall

You can always find live music playing on the weekends at Olympia Restaurant’s Zorba Music Hall. On October 12th, the Joe Cocker tribute band With My Friends takes to the Zorba Music Hall stage. Doors open at 7 PM for dinner, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy some authentic Greek cuisine before the 9 PM show.

To purchase tickets and see a full calendar of events visit http://zorbamusichall.com/

canva-photo-editor (2).png

Luna Theater

Jazz is still very much alive in Lowell! The very chic and comfortable Luna Theater, located at Mill No. 5, presents Luna Sessions every Thursday night at 8:05 PM, where talented local musicians come together to perform whichever jazz songs feel right that night. Entry is free, but you’ll want to bring some money for some freshly popped popcorn or a local craft brew sold at the concession bar.



On Sundays, Cobblestones Restaurant serves brunch from 10:30 AM – 2:30 PM where patrons can listen to live music while they eat. Enjoy menu favorites while listening to different local artists every Sunday. Musicians play from 11:15 AM to 1:45 PM. Upcoming performers include: Yolanda Baker Music, Seraphina James, Katrina Marie, and Andrew Marshall Music.

To see the entire brunch menu visit http://cobblestonesoflowell.com/menu/

canva-photo-editor (6).png

Warp & Weft

The relatively new restaurant Warp & Weft has established itself as a place where the community can connect, enjoy innovative cocktails and meals made with only fresh ingredients, and listen to live music. Every Thursday night at 9 PM the restaurant hosts an open mic where local artists or bands can play in front of a supportive audience and audience members can get a glimpse of up-and-coming local talent. Warp & Weft will also host a special one year anniversary party on October 13th, featuring Ariel Strasser (Pop Singer/Songwriter, Jazz), Serial Thrillers (Pop, Rock, Alternative), Jenny and The Gents (Pop, Folk), The Blue Ribbons (Rock).

For more information on events at Warp & Weft you can visit https://www.warplowell.com/


The creators of UnchARTed have reenvisioned the concept of the art gallery and created a space where locals enjoy pizza, craft beer, artwork, and live music all in the same room. This trendy spot is always bringing in new local artists and musicians to decorate their walls and play fresh music for their visitors. On October 13th, UnchARTed welcomes four artists to their gallery: The Fallen Stars, Prateek Poddar, Hunter, and Dandy Candy. The show will consist of music ranging from folk and blues to alternative rock. The show starts at 7 PM. 

To see more shows hosted at UnchARTed visit  http://unchartedgallery.com/live-music/

canva-photo-editor (8).png

The Town and The City Festival

Toward the end of October, Lowell welcomes over 50 artists to The Town and The City Festival: a 2-day music and arts festival that will take place in various event spaces, bars, cafes, and galleries throughout downtown Lowell. The performances take place on October 19th and 20th, and present a diverse mix of musical genres. The Luna Theater, Coffee and Cotton, Christ Church United, Gallery Z, Uncharted Gallery, and the Parker Gallery at the Whistler House Museum of Art will host performances for all ages, while the Zorba Music Hall, Warp & Weft, The Old Court, and Dudley’s will host 21+ shows.

For ticket information and a full schedule of performances visit https://www.thetownandthecityfestival.com/


The Lowell Public Art Collection: Past, Present, and Future

The Lowell public art collection that we know today began to take its shape during the 1980’s when six works of public art were installed between the years 1984-1989. Lowell native and Massachusetts Senator Paul Tsongas was key to this boom in public art as he sponsored several pieces and created a public art committee in 1987 to explore new ways to present public art in the city. During these formative years, the Lowell public art collection had become one of the country’s most important visual arts projects.

“Pawtucket Prism” by Michio Ihara (1989)

“Pawtucket Prism” by Michio Ihara (1989)

Before Lowell was the public museum that we know and love today, the city’s only public art consisted only of traditional monuments, statues and murals like many other cities had at the time. During the late eighties however, the city introduced several contemporary art pieces such as the “Homage to Women,” “The Lowell Sculptures,” and the recently restored “Pawtucket Prism.” Installing six public art pieces between ’84 and ’89 was an impressive accomplishment for the City of Lowell and the result was a collection of art that not only visually enhances the city, but reflects Lowell’s rich history and culture.

George L. Duncan Fountains (2012)

George L. Duncan Fountains (2012)

In recent years, the city has added several more pieces to its diverse public art collection, each having their own unique theme and relation to Lowell. With hydraulic systems playing such a vital role in Lowell’s industrial era, Enterprise Bank added a public art installation in 2012 that mirrored the cities canals, spillways, and waterfalls. The result was the George L. Duncan Fountains, which consists of three weathering steel stacks, each slightly modified to move water differently.

New Mural Decatur Way (2018)

New Mural Decatur Way (2018)

In 2016 the Decatur Way Path was established to display local artists’ murals, poetry installations and other artwork. These artists include students from 26 local schools, UMass Lowell Art Prof. Stephen Mishol, poet Paul Marion, muralists Donald Maker and Kurt Ledoux of Lowell, and artist Liz LaManche of Boston.  This blend of art pays homage to Lowell’s impressive mills and canal ways like many of the past installations do, but it represents the city’s modern culture and values today as well.

Lowell Street Piano. Art by Margo Thach (2018) - Photo Courtesy of Karen Frederick

Lowell Street Piano. Art by Margo Thach (2018) - Photo Courtesy of Karen Frederick

The latest edition to Lowell’s ever expanding public art collection is also an instrument. In October of 2018, the city unveiled its first Street Piano to support the city’s growing music and art scene. The piano was donated to the city by Lowell Resident Paul Belley, and has been transformed into a work of art itself by local artist Margo Thach. Thach has designed the piano with gold accents that capture several themes of Lowell, including a textile mill, the City Hall clock tower and images of Cambodian culture.

Concept art for “Hydro”

Concept art for “Hydro”

The development of Utopia Park located in the Hamilton Canal Innovation District has provided the necessary space for another special public art installation. Artist Nancy Selvage was chosen to create “Hydro,” a large stainless steel fixture with a fluid, abstract design that resembles Lowell’s natural waterfalls and its turbine waterfalls as well. The project is being led by the Cultural Organization of Lowell (COOL) in partnership with the city, Lowell National Historical Park and others.

Foundation of “Hydro”

Foundation of “Hydro”

Weekend Picks: What To Do and See in Lowell

There is something for everyone to do this weekend in Lowell! Whether you’re looking to go to a unique event that only comes once a year, listen to some great live music, or maybe explore a part of Lowell you’ve never seen before, we’ve compiled a list of eight exciting things you can check out this weekend.   


PARK(ing) Day returns to downtown Lowell today! At this special event, artists and other contributors transform selected parking spaces into artistic projects and miniature parks to call attention to the need for more open space in urban environments. This year's theme is "LoWELLness", and local artists Chummeng Soun and Mary Hart will transform their spaces into artistic messages of health, fitness, and mindfulness. The event begins at 9 AM, and the art installations can be seen on Merrimack and Market Streets.


Tonight, the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association (CMAA) presents a free showing of the Disney Pixar movie Coco for the Lowell community at 6 PM. Gather your family and friends and enjoy a critically acclaimed movie about family, community, and culture. The event will be held in partnership with the Lowell Police Department. Free food and family-friendly entertainment will be provided.

Coffee & Cotton.png

Many locals probably know that Coffee & Cotton has great coffee and sandwiches, but many might not know that they have live music too! At 8 PM Friday night, you can listen to Lowell singer-songwriters Santi C and Joshua Lin perform live while sipping on a seasonal Latte and catching up with friends. Not feeling coffee? Try a glass of wine or one of the local craft beers they have on tap.

Kinetic Race.png

The city of Lowell welcomes the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race back for its 3rd year! At this event that can’t be missed, contestants create all-terrain, cycle-powered sculptures capable of traveling through streets, water, mud and sand, racing against one another through downtown Lowell and out to the Merrimack river. The race begins Saturday morning at 8:30 AM at the intersection of Market Street and Palmer Street. There will be an after party and award ceremony at Cobblestones Restaurant at 4 PM.

canva-photo-editor (7).png

On Saturday, explore the historically significant Boott Cotton Mills Museum for free between 9:30 AM-5 PM. There is a lot to see at this museum, including a fully functional 1920’s weave room where you see, and hear, first-hand how cloth used to be made in the Lowell mills! There are plenty of hands-on exhibits as well, giving you a true sense for Lowell’s extraordinary industrial legacy. 

canva-photo-editor (5).png

You never know what you might find at the Vintage Marketplace at Mill No. 5, but you can count on finding something cool. In addition to the shops that are permanently fixed in Mill No. 5, vendors also fill up the hallways on Saturday to sell their vintage clothing, jewelry, art, cameras, music players, and more! The vendors will be open for business from 12-4 PM.

Foreigners Journey.png

Attached to the Olympia Restaurant is the Zorba Music Hall where you can find live music playing every weekend. This Saturday, enjoy the classics you love from legendary rock bands Foreigner and Journey as the tribute band Foreigners Journey blends sounds from both bands to create one uniquely awesome show. The doors open at 7 PM and the performance begin at 9 PM.

To purchase tickets visit http://zorbamusichall.com/

Farm Market.png

On Sunday, enjoy a relaxing day shopping for fresh, local food at The Farm Market at Mill No. 5. Between 11 AM-3 PM, local vendors will be filling the indoor streetscape hallways with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, artisan bread and pastries, locally sourced meat and eggs, and handmade craft goods. When you’ve finished shopping, unwind by listening to some live music played on the Hi-Hat stage, or join the Magical Mystery Movie Club at the Luna Theater for a free showing of a surprise, family-friendly movie at 11:30. The farmers market and free movie are held every Sunday at Mill No. 5, so you can always come back for more.

Re-Discovering Lowell: An Intern Experience

As my time in the  Office of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (CASE) comes to an end, I am reflecting on my experiences with the City of Lowell over the past six months.  I grew up just one town over from Lowell, but never really experienced it. To me, Lowell was the Tsongas Center and the Mills. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work in CASE, thanks to the internship program at UMass Lowell, but I am sad to say goodbye!


Learning about Lowell's history throughout my school years and actually experiencing it are two completely different things! Going on a canal tour was one of my favorite things that I have done here at CASE. The Park Rangers are full of knowledge that they are eager to share with you; it is contagious! If you would ask any of my former teachers, I am sure they would say that I was not always mentally present, but the canal tour was so awesome I don't think I had the option of becoming distracted! What made it even better was that it was clear that the Rangers love what they do and really appreciate Lowell's history.


This city is a true melting pot. All the different cultural groups make every day new, interesting, and vibrant. Most days I can hear a few different types of music; all of it unique and meaningful. The culture here allows for small businesses to thrive because the people understand the importance of tradition and self-expression. The talent that fills this city makes it so you feel like you're traveling to different countries when all you really need to do is cross the street.


The array of cultural activities includes by music festivals and smaller music venues in the summer months. The Lowell Summer Music Series is one of the coolest experiences I have had attending a concert. I saw Mikky Ekko and Fitz and The Tantrums perform at the beginning of the summer. I was able to get seats right in front of the stage and I was mesmerized by the performances. I do not know of any other venue that provides this type of intimacy. So many people put a lot of work in to make opportunities like this available, many of them volunteers. This city has a great pool of people who want to provide good times and even better memories- I am looking forward to seeing the list of performers for next year's concert series!


With my last day being August 22nd, I am glad to say that Lowell is no longer just the Tsongas Center or the mills to me. Lowell is filled with new things to be discovered every day. Whether it is art, music, food or learning about a new culture-there is always something to celebrate. CASE staff made me feel so welcomed in the office and I will miss working with them, but I couldn't ask for anyone better to really show me what Lowell has to offer.

Experience Destination Lowell

Our favorite weekend of summer is finally here! The Lowell Folk Festival begins tonight with the Flag Parade at 6:30 PM and official festival kick-off starting at 6:55 PM! There will not be a shortage of things to do throughout the weekend, but if you are unsure where to start, Destination Lowell is the perfect spot! We will be on Merrimack Street with plenty of information showcasing Lowell's unique and vibrant Arts and Culture scene. Immerse yourself in all things Lowell as Destination Lowell provides the opportunity to experience the many different cultures and lifestyles that we have right here in Lowell.


Destination Lowell higlights Lowell's rich community resources. There will be many local organizations with information on topics such as Lowell Celebrates Kerouac, a nonprofit organization the mission of which is to promote a better understanding and appreciation of Jack Kerouac's life and literature and the Lowell Cultural Council, whose mission is to promote excellence, access, education and diversity to improve the quality of life for all Lowell residents. Stop by the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust table to meet their environmental educators, check their upcoming programming, or learn about their projects. Make sure you visit these booths and learn what makes Lowell the cool city that it is and how to contribute to making it even better!


If you haven't experienced the creative, artistic spirit in our great city, Destination Lowell will change that for you. Keep an eye out for the "Lobster Roll", a human powered machine shaped like a giant lobster that will be part of the Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race booth. Discover Lowell Makes, a makerspace which offers shared equipment, classes, and opportunities to teach and network. Western Avenue Studios, one of the "must see places" to visit in Lowell, will also be there. Find out what makes this artist community a destination for creatives seeking studio space in the city.

Photo Courtesy of Boston GreenFest

There will be restaurant and retail booths - Crepes and The City, Fuji Restaurant, Lowell Burger Company, All Star Lounge, Humanity BoutiqueGaleria De Los Andes-Boutique - all of which are located on Merrimack Street. There will also be demonstrations from Mill No. 5, stores such as Crose Nest, Dress and Trousers,Dandelion District. Red Antler Apothecary will transform an empty storefront into a pop-up shop for the weekend!


There are so many ways to represent Lowell's unique, rich and vibrant cultural scene. Some additional booths that will be located within Destination Lowell are the UMass Lowell Kayak Center, International Institute of New England the Merrimack Antique Bottle Club and the Lowell Historical Society. There are many other places to experience, so make sure you come by and see us this weekend! Check out the Destination Lowell section on the Folk Festival website here.

Summer Outdoor: Energize your Mind and Body

Many organizations in Lowell provide the opportunity to get to know the city on a much deeper level. Both buildings and nature are filled with history, and you can experience it all while getting your steps in! There are multiple programs that incorporate wellness, history and the outdoors and are enjoyable for all ages!


The Lowell National Historical Park hosts the “Wellness on the Walkways Series.” These guided walking tours allow you to discover Lowell’s waterways, explore the many different canalways and outdoor spaces that are overflowing with history. There are a variety of walks including a photography walk and a birding walk. For each walk you attend, you can get a collectible button as well!

Lowell Walks, hosted by Richard Howe is another series of historical guided walking tours. These tours are held at 10 AM on Saturday mornings, each with a different topic and tour guide. Past topics have been "Abolitionism in Lowell," "Infamous Crimes," "Downtown Architecture" and more. This is a great way to exercise and learn more about Lowell’s past.


If guided walking tours aren’t up your alley, no worries! There are plenty more options to merge wellness and the experience of Lowell’s natural and historical beauty. The Concord River Greenway is a perfect blend of all the above. The land along the Concord River has so much to share as it has been home to many people throughout its years. There is 2,700 linear feet of path for you to walk or hike while being able to experience the white water rapids, wildlife while surrounded by nature.


At Boarding House Park, Bija Yoga is hosting Yoga in the Park on Wednesdays from 6– 7 PM. These classes are free, but donations for local organizations are gratefully accepted. Each week Bija Yoga is supporting a different organization. The classes are offered in Kripalu style yoga which emphasizes meditation and breath work, and is appropriate for all levels of students. This is a great opportunity to practice wellness, support and get to know your local organizations and what they do for Lowell! Find out more information here.


Another great way to experience the Merrimack River is by taking the paddle tours offered by UMass Lowell. They offer sunset paddle tours, full moon and evening paddle tours, and custom paddle tours. Tours start at $30 and are held on alternating Fridays and Saturdays from 7 – 9 PM until September 4th. All tours are guided, include equipment rental, safety/paddling instructions and are appropriate for adults and children. Check out the schedule here.

Make sure you're keeping up with the events happening all summer! Check out our calendar.

Escaping The Heat in Lowell’s Museums and Galleries

Summer is in full swing and starting to heat up! Luckily there is a lot happening in July, and there are many places in Lowell to help you escape the heat, enjoy local art, live music and more.

Photo by John Phelam

Photo by John Phelam

Through July 18th, the New England Quilt Museum has the exhibit "Beyond the Border Wall: The Migrant Quilt Project" on display. The museum is located at 18 Shattuck Street and will host two more exhibit openings this month. "H2oh!" will be open on July 11th and "Material Girls Quilt Guild Exhibition" opens on July 18th.


The Arts League of Lowell, at 307 Market Street, has the "New England Members'" exhibit on display until August 5th. This exhibit depicts a variety of iconic images that represent New England's charm, strength and character. To compliment the New England exhibit, starting July 5th "The Tiny Brush: Botanical Paintings in Two Styles" will be on display through July 29th. These pieces highlight the beauty of nature, especially in New England.

water color leaf.jpg

Picasso was right: "Youth has no age." The Loading Dock Gallery's July Show, "Artful Age"  proves the saying true. Curators Linda B. Dunn and Pamela Wamala have worked in parallel for close to a decade, leading art classes for senior centers, continuing care residences, and rehab facilities. In Artful Age, their students' work shines with joy. "Art reawakens old interests and sparks new ones," notes Dunn.The show runs July 5-29 and the opening reception is Saturday, July 7, from 4-6 PM. 


Discover More Galleries and Museums

There's plenty of art to see elsewhere: "The Allure of Venice" at the Whistler House Museum of Art featuring works by Boston artist Walter Franklin Lansil has been extended through July 21.Stop by Gallery Z for their annual Co-op Artists Exhibition, thru July 29th.The Studio Artists at the Brush Gallery remember Deirdre McCullough Grunwald with their annual group show entitled "Reflections - Homage to a Friend". Also check out these other exhibits: Ayer Lofts Art Gallery - Opening July 7, "Invest in the Future", thru July 29.

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Other Cool Places to Visit

The first Saturday of every month, Western Avenue Studios & Lofts opens its doors and invites visitors to explore five floors of many types of arts created inside the walls. You can speak with the artists about their work, learn about their inspirations behind each piece, allowing you to further appreciate each work of art. Western Avenue Studios is located at 122 Western Avenue.


Mill No. 5 is a great place to spend some time on a hot day. There are many unique shops with varying hours, as well as Coffee and Cotton and the Luna Theater. There is often live music at Coffee and Cotton along with a delicious food and drink menu. The Luna Theater features both old and new films and hosts live Jazz musicians every Thursday. On Sunday during the Farm Market the Luna hosts the Magical Mystery Movie Club starting at 11:30 AM. The movie is always G or PG and is never revealed in advance!

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