5 Reasons Lowell is Heaven on Earth for Creatives and Lovers of Art

5 Reasons Lowell is Heaven on Earth for Creatives and Lovers of Art 

Just a few weeks ago, I started a conversation with a dear friend of mine about art. Our goal was to come to an understanding of what art is. You see for me, art is "nice". It's also necessary, and it makes rooms pretty. For my friend, art is paintings. We were joined by another friend who cooked a great meal for us, and as we saw his culinary presentation, we silently commented, "what a piece of art"!
Art is all around us. Art Is The Handmade of Human Good is Lowell's motto and is part of our seal. We embrace it, we love it, and, we live it.

Lowell has as diverse an art and creative community as any. An estimated 800 artists call Lowell home. In Lowell, art is a thread of public connections and is part of our everyday lives.

If you're up to take a day trip, or to stay the weekend, here are 5 reasons why Lowell is Heaven on Earth for you. Whether you're the creative kind or you are a lover of art.


1. Public Art.

With over 12 public art installations that are carefully curated and designed to pay homage to Lowell's rich history and heritage, Lowell is worth taking that trip. Short and long self-guided walking tours are a treat in every season. And plenty of choices to dine and refuel will make for a well-rounded experience.

Image: Markus Haala

Image: Markus Haala

2. Western Avenue Studios & Lofts

From contemporary artists like Markus Haala to glass artists like Ivy Pompei, Western Avenue Studios (WAS) and Western Avenue Studios Lofts are a diverse artist community of over 300 artists. Did we mention that WAS is the largest artist community of this kind in the northeastern United States? And with ever-changing exhibits at the Loading Dock Gallery, WAS is surely worth a visit.

Image: Mary hart

Image: Mary hart

3. ALL Art Gallery and Gates Block

It's winter now, but you might have spotted artists like Bill Bradbury last summer on the streets of Lowell, painting illustrations, cartoons, streetscapes or other scenic views. Bill is one of about 230 artists at ALL. ALL of course stands for Arts League of Lowell, a community of artists established in 2004 to celebrate and foster creative community in Lowell. ALL is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Lowell, within walking distance from parking areas and garages. 

And while you're visiting ALL, stock up on art supplies and more at Van Gogh's Gear, the best art supply store in Lowell.

4. The Brush Art Gallery

Right down the street from the ALL Gallery is The Brush Art Gallery. The Brush is a staple for art in Lowell. Rotating exhibits from diverse artists and amazing community outreach to schools and other partner organizations make "The Brush" a one-of-a-kind place to visit.

5. Creative Economy at its best

In recent years new ventures in Lowell's creative community have emerged and have given a new and exciting spin to what creative community means in Lowell. Be it Uncharted Gallery, a kind of fusion of art and bistro that will excite your mind with the art on display and your taste buds with the culinary creations served, or Gallery Z, a café and artist collaborative- Lowell's innovative, creative economy is expanding its offerings daily. 

Also stay tuned for part II/III of this series and check out these places while you wait: The Hearing Room / Art Up at the Lowell Community Health Center / Whistler House Museum of Art/ Decatur Art Way